During our sailing trips in Barcelona, it is nice to get some information on sea life in the Mediterranean.  We like to know more about that fabulous life under us when we sail. There is so much to learn in the articles we place on this website we talk mainly about the animals in the Mediterranean Sea.

Did you know that the deepest point in the Mediterranean sea 4,400 m deep, and is called the Rhodes Deep?

We separate the fish from the mammals and the animals from the plants. The 10 most common fish we describe and the 6 biggest mammals in the Mediterranean.

We were surprised to learn that some whales are living close to Barcelona only 12 miles. However, we have not spotted whales in front of the Barcelona coastline. The smallest animal in the Mediterranean sea is the zooplankton.

The most seen large animals in the Mediterranean sea are the dolphins!  We used to see a lot of short-beaked common dolphins but because of plastic pollution and overfishing, the dolphins decided to relocate to better more fertile grounds.

This section is an ongoing study and we will add more and more detailed information on marine life and marine health over the years.

Sperm Whale with calf swimming in the mediterranean sea

Large animals swimming in the Mediterranean sea