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Corporate team building game: Plastic Mission Impossible

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Does your company want to bring together your staff and reduce your plastic footprint? Are you ready for a plastic challenge? Is your company aligned with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? Our Plastic Mission Impossible corporate team building game is exciting, fun, and full of information on how to reduce your plastic footprint.

Human habits are hard to change. What about a follow up 30-day plastic challenge? Hands on directly implementing what you learned in the Plastic Mission Impossible Game.

Event Details

Plastic Mission Impossible is a multiplayer hybrid game for teams of 4 to 7 people and can be played with over 500 participants at home, in the office, or anywhere with an internet connection. This game is 75 minutes of excitement, entertainment, and serious fun. A real-time scoreboard keeps track of the team’s progress.

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A Corporate Socially Responsible Event

We invite you to participate in the ultimate team building game of this year: Plastic Mission Impossible game, an online team building event, 75 minutes of excitement, and enhance your plastic knowledge. This corporate socially responsible event works well for small and large companies. Join us in reducing the plastic footprint.

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The Game

You are given a role, either captain, helmsman, cook, or deckhand. This role-playing game enforces you to act in a certain way. The captain as a leader, the helmsman as an executive, the cook inventive, and the deckhand proactive. Together you embark on an epic expedition around the world to save a pregnant whale. During the expedition, you visit countries around the world and learn about plastic policies, affected animals, and solve super fun riddles.

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Play a demo game today

Start in two easy steps: Download “Loquiz” app on your phone and allow all permissions and keep the sound on! Log in with demo003 and password 4321. Have fun!

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