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Great sailing experience in Barcelona with lots of wind

Last Sunday we had an amazing strong wind sailing experience in Barcelona with SY SAMBA with lots of wind and some bigger waves. We all get a little wet, but with good sailing gears… no problem!

For some of our Barcelona sail first timers it was a very new experience sailing in a bit rougher weather conditions. But quickly everybody on board enjoyed surfing with 10 knots trough the 2m waves.

If it is really windy SY SAMBA heels more than during the usual nice and easy summer sailing sunshine trip. So it is necessary to adjust the size of the sails. We sailed with 2 reefs in the main sail and a small jib. Sailing with wind more than 25knots is very intense. You feel the force of the elements, the wind, the waves, the sound of rushing water, the spray on your face. Sailing becomes for sure much more sportive! Trimming the sails becomes more demanding, but it is so cool! Everybody on board was involved in the sailing action and we all enjoyed it a lot. Now we can´t wait for the next  “stormy” sailing fun :-)


Autumn and winter time is serious sailing time!

Here in Barcelona, during the autumn and winter period, we have more days, where the wind is much stronger as in the summer season. That is fantastic for sailors and tourists, who have a some sailing experience. Especially sailing on a fast race boat like SY SAMBA it´s pure fun. During the daytimes it is never getting too cold as long as the sun is shining. For this reason we sail all year.


Sailing with Samba 2 Kopie

sailing experience in barcelona


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