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Team Building Events: Summer Regattas

team building events in barcelona

Sailing regattas are a Barcelona summertime tradition. From May to September, thrilling sailboat races are organized every weekend. A perfect Team Building event for your staff. Invigorate your team’s dynamics while sailing and playing along the beautiful Barcelona skyline. Barcelona team building events are the highlight of your stay in Barcelona.

Event details

The event duration is between 2 and 4 hours depending the needs of the client. We recommend 5 to 7 people in one boat, more is possible.

A regatta sailing event is guaranteed fun and good for the team building because everyone has a task and responsibility to move the team forward. A typical team building regatta focuses on the boat handling of the team.  

Barcelonsail as a socially responsible company designed a regatta that includes a plastic pollution scavenger hunt at sea. This an unique team building event for companies to establish a reputation as a socially responsible company.

A Typical Barcelona Team Building Event

A typical Barcelona team building events starts at 10:00 in the morning with a briefing. There will be tea, coffee and a croissant to make sure the sailors have something in their stomach, important to mitigate seasickness. During this briefing the weather is discussed, safety instructions given, the activities explained, and if purchased the plastic scavenger hunt game explained.

Sailing regattas are best team building events in Barcelona. Two sail boats on photo racing during a team building event.

We introduce the captains to the guests, and in groups of 5 to 7 people you join a boat. On board the captain walks over the most important boat elements. People get a feeling to be on a boat and the captains steer the boat out of teh harbor. At sea, all members get a task:

  1. Steering the boat,
  2. Controlling the main sail
  3. Holding the jib sheet left side
  4. Ease the jib sheet right side
  5. Tactician

Everyone will be practicing all activities and the captain is making notes and gives scores to the individual participants. After this the captain sails the boats with the team to the start line from which the regatta will start.  Before the regatta the team must decide who is doing what, and during the regatta the captain will score the team as a whole.  After the race a short debrief with comments from the captain and an award for the best team will be given.

Time Line Typical Team Building Event

  • Weather briefing and activity instructions (15 minutes)
  • Safety instructions (5 minutes)
  • Dockside session getting to know the boat (10 minutes)
  • Hands-on sailing instruction (60 minutes)
  • 3 regattas and test team interaction (90 minutes)
  • Debrief ashore after all boats return to dock (20 minutes)
  • Awards presentation (10 minutes)

At Barcelona team building events the fun continues, as the winning team is crowned during the award ceremony. The event runs between 2 and 4 hours with an additional cost beyond the standard boat rental of 19.95 euro per participant for a plastic scavenger hunt game and 15 euro per person for a gluten free vegan food menu.

About Sailing Barcelona

Sailing enthusiast living in Barcelona, who developed a new way of enjoying the Barcelona sea side via active sailing. Using as the main site to attract people.

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