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Special guests sailing with BarcelonaSail

George wearing BarcelonaSail T-shirt

Special guests sailing with BarcelonaSail

Last summer I had two very special guests sailing with BarcelonaSail on board: Betsy and George. An ever smiling and loving couple from Texas, who were enjoying every minute of their lives. Hello Betsy and George, this post is dedicated to you both.

George wearing an official BarcelonaSail Polo shirt

George wearing an official BarcelonaSail Polo shirt

Sailing with positive minded people

As a sail tour operator you get clients from very different locations and backgrounds. I must say that we feel gratified with the diverse and interesting people we meet on board. We get young people, who enjoy the freedom, swimming in the sea and some drinks, we get families with kids, young and old couples, and people who propose on board. All of these people have something in common: positive minded and genuinely interested. So we enjoy very much the time spent together at sea with our costumers, whether they want to interact or just to relax and disconnect from the busy city for a while.

The day

The day when Betsy and George were our guests was a bit windy (gusty) and choppy at sea, therefore I informed Betsy and George that it was OK to cancel and stay on land. But Betsy and George wanted to go for it so we did, and I believe George enjoyed every second of it. With his river sailing experience George was instantly promoted to skipper while I had a nice conversation with Betsy about their life in the United States and how it is to live in Barcelona.

My special guests sailing with BarcelonaSail wanted to know everything. I told them that I worked in the corporate world designing airports, in Europe and later in the States. However I had  a dream to write books for children. It was a difficult decision to give up that fat pay check every two weeks, but it was the time of my life even if I could not  make a living out of it. After leaving the corporate world I never looked back, and with no money in the bank I chose to follow my heart again and started a business from my loved hobby, sailing. And that is how I met Betsy and George, on my sail boat.

The warmth and the sincere interest made me talk about myself more than I usually do.

The positive energy and the joy towards life and love received from Betsy and George made it to me an unforgettable day. Thank you for the wonderful experience, I wish you many happy and exciting days in your lives.




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