Electric boat propulsion

Electric boat propulsion is a system with an electric motor for boats. In the following pages, we discuss electric drive systems, electric engines, and batteries. Our focus is on electric motors for sailboats.

Electric motor for sailboats

Electric motors for sailboats are small, ranging from 3kW to 20kW, and can regenerate under sail. So the electric motor is used as a battery charger. Electric sailing focuses on entering and leaving the harbor and has an autonomy of 30 miles.

Drive system for electric motors

Replacing a diesel engine with an electrical motor is expensive. A great part of the costs goes into the installation of the drive system. That is the installing of the electric motor in the boat and the connection to the propeller.

There are 4 drive systems for electric motors. We have developed a new drive system that does not require additional holes nor openings in the hull and is far more economical to install.

Electric Sailing

Electric sailing gets more popular and we share our costs for converting your boat with an electric motor.