BarcelonaSail owner Maria, talks about her live and why they love to work with BarcelonaSail. We are all captains in our own field, not necessarily on the water.


BarcelonaSail is a company with a young international team, passionate about the sea. Originally from Spain, Argentina, Germany and the Netherlands, we are dedicated to the creation, commercialization, and operation of sailing tours and experiences in Barcelona and its surroundings.

As avid travelers who have been to many places and 

we are sure that Barcelona, with the city and the sea at your fingertips, is one of the nicest European places to live and sail. 
With more than 13 years of history, we continue growing. Every day we strive to offer quality service and a unique experience you can remember for the rest of your life! 

The family and local connection doesn’t stop with BarcelonaSail founders. We strongly believe in investing in locally-run business partnerships. As such, each of the extra services we offer like transfer, tourist guides, wine tasting, catering and so on are family-owned and operated. This is important as it is a direct investment back into these communities and provides customers with an authentic local experience onboard. 

What is blue water sailing?

Never understood why people talked about “blue water sailing”, until I sailed to the Azores.  The color of the ocean water around Europe is blue-green at best. Certainly not blue. On day two of our sailing trip to the Azores, I spotted some dolphins and took a picture. And look how beautiful blue and clear the water is. There you go, blue water sailing is offshore sailing and you know exactly how far to go: until the water is blue:)