Is the sail tour private?

Yes all our tours are private, you hire the boat including a BarcelonaSail skipper.

Can I change or cancel a booking?

Yes all bookings can be changed or cancelled without costs. For small groups up to 9 people we allow you to change or cancel up to the last day.

However for the larger boats we need to make reservations and prepare more and therefore you cancel up to 14 days in advance. For boats over 22 people you can can cancel in 30 days before the sail tour. Please see here the detailed description of our terms.

Can we bring food on board?

Yes you can bring food on board. See the Sailing in Barcelona Frequently asked questions below for more on this topic.

Can we bring drinks on board?

Yes you can bring you own drinks on board.

Do you have drinks and snacks on the boat tour?

All boat tours come with a some soft drinks, and beers.  If you are a seasoned drinker bring you own or ask us about the amount available on board.

How long do the Barcelona boat tours last?

The Barcelona boat tours can be as long or short as you want. Most people book between 2 hour sail tours to 3 hour sail tours. We discovered that for the small groups the best time is around 2.5 hour. Our small boat tours start a 2.5 hours. The larger sail boats are rented mainly for 2 or 3 hour boat tour. We have created a Barcelona boat tour calculator to calculate your trip duration for all our different sail boats and motor boats.

Are there sharks or other dangerous animals in the Mediterranean sea?

There are no sharks, crocodiles or other deadly animals in the Mediterranean sea. There are jelly fish in the Mediterranean sea, they are mainly coming to the Barcelona coast at the end of August and September.

Do you recommend sailing with children?

Sailing with children is great fun and a recommend activity for kids. BarcelonaSail has each year many families with kids who enjoy the sailing in Barcelona.

What is the difference between a group sail and a private boat tour?

Private boat tours in Barcelona, are only for the group that has booked the boat. in other words your boat tour is only with your friends and family. There are no other people on your boat.

Groups tours are boat tours in Barcelona where individuals can sign-up and the sailing trip is a mixed group of people with strangers. The idea is that group tours are much cheaper than private tours. That is the sometimes the case but in general private tours are only 20% more expensive.

We have a Barcelona Sailing Experience Calculator that compares prices between group tours and private tours.

Does BarcelonaSail organize sailing races for companies or friends?

BarcelonaSail organizes sailing races as a company event. This can be a full day event, with lunch, coffee, trophy, and teaching. We can rate all the sailors individually based leadership, agility, flexibility and strategy. Because all of these treats are needed in a sailing race.

Sailing races can also be much shorter up to 2 hour events. We have a ton a experience with sailing races.

How does BarcelonaSail help me making the best booking for my situation?

Our Barcelona Sailing Experience Calculator calculates for you the best price and the Barcelona boat tour calculator, calculates the best boat trip duration for you. Together with our Barcelona Frequently asked questions [FAQ] you can make an informed decision on booking your boat tour. 

How can I book a sailing tour in Barcelona?

Booking a sailing tour in Barcelona is very easy. You can call, email, whatup, and schedule and book your sail tour on our website. 

What is Barcelona’s best harbor to start my boat tour?

Port Olimpic harbor is located nearest to the sea. That means you get the most time at sea, instead of motoring in the harbor. Within 5 minutes you are at sea.

Port Vell is located most central in Barcelona, so you may have a shorter walk to the boat location. It will take 15 minutes to get out of port Vell the sail boat and motor boat, because there are speed restrictions.

The new harbor next to W-hotel is located farthest away from Barcelona’s city center, with poor public transportation to the harbor. Only if you are staying in the W-hotel leaving from that port is sensible.

How big are the boats you use for Barcelona sailing tours?

Our sail boats are between 32 to 45 feet long. The smallest boat holds up to 10 people and the largest up to 14 people. We recommend using the larger boats from groups up to 8 people. Check our passenger calculator to compare space and prices for your group.

What is the best time for a 2 hour Barcelona sailing tour?

Sailing in Barcelona is possible the whole year round. The best time to go sailing and swimming is from May through October. The first weeks December are often unusual warm, with temperatures up to 25 C (78 F). It is always great to be on the water that period because it feels unreal to sit in the sun on a sail boat in the middle of winter.

When will my credit card be charged for the 2 hr Barcelona sailing tour?

We will securely charge your credit card after the sail tour has been completed in most cases. Sometimes we charge your card before the sail tour commences and we always notify you before charging your card. If there’s a problem, you’ll be notified on the spot and prompted to use another card. Once we receive verification of sufficient funds, your payment will be completed and transferred securely to us. Your account will be charged in 24 to 48 hours.

Will I be charged additional sales tax for online orders?

No, all our prices include local, state and value added taxes.