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Best Covid-19 Prevention Sail Plan with

Sailing with covid sail plan is safe

The BarcelonaSail Covid-19 prevention sail plan is ready and we are ready to going again. A few more weeks and we can all going at sea together and have great fun on the Barcelona coast line.

We going to have fun at sea and be safe. It is easy with the BarcelonaSail Covid-19 Prevention Sail Plan. We will start again with sailing day trips and sunset sailing tours. No night sailing at this moment.

BarcelonaSail developed a sail and charter plan to assure that Covid-19 has no chance on our sail tours.  Sailing is a good way to escape corona. Sailing should be fun, and fear is not helpful at all. Therefor we take precaution long before you step on board.

basic cobid-19 information

All our tours are private, that means you will meet no strangers.

Social distancing is secured by reducing the number of people on board and distributing them. Off course you want to have a drink during the sail and that is possible.

We created special instructions for skippers and assistants to assure that Covid has no change on our boats. All personnel signed up for the Covid-19 micro course issued by the European Center of Disease and  Control.

Instructive posters are placed in the boat so that skippers simply follow a checklist. We have created no touch waste bins to easily dispose of tissues and trash.

For costumers, tissues are available in no touch format no need to touch the box containing the tissues. Each skipper and assistant have their own sanitizer and cloves.

The effectiveness of face masks is no clear and we find it terrible, unhuman not able to display our faces. You are welcome to carry your facemasks of course.  

The use of face masks in the community should be considered only as a complementary measure and not as a replacement for established preventive measures, for example physical distancing, respiratory etiquette, meticulous hand hygiene and avoiding touching the face, nose, eyes and mouth.”

We clean and wash our cushions daily. We use 0.05% sodium hypochlorite (NaClO)  to disinfect the boat after a tour.  Our cleaning material (cloth, sponge etc.) is placed in a disinfectant solution effective against viruses, a 0.1% sodium hypochlorite. When cleaning we use masks and gloves to avoid getting infected.   

We have requested to the Barcelona port that there will be separate waste bins for Covid waste.  

About Sailing Barcelona

Sailing enthusiast living in Barcelona, who developed a new way of enjoying the Barcelona sea side via active sailing. Using as the main site to attract people.