The Barcelona Sail good weather guarantee for boats up to 9 passengers, for larger sail boats please read our terms.

Bad weather is so rare in Barcelona that we are happy to offer the option of cancelling (with full refund of your deposit) or re-scheduling your sail trip right up to the last minute. And we don’t just mean if the weather is dangerous. If it’s raining, if it’s cloudy, if it’s overcast, if it’s too cold, and you just would rather not go, as long as you call me before the departure time I will happily offer a refund of your deposit or a re-scheduling of your trip.

Cancellations and refunds

It’s very simple. Barcelona Sail will refund your deposit in full when you sail in one our smaller boats up to 9 passengers and you cancel 24 hours before we sail.

For the bigger boats we only refund in full in case the weather is so bad that it is affecting safety of the operations.

BarcelonaSail has the right to cancel our of safety precautions due to dangerously bad weather

Barcelona sail good weather guarantee

Fun with cloudy weather and good wind.

Barcelona Weather Year Round

The average weather temperatures per month in Barcelona during the mid day are very reasonable for a nice sail. However on the water it gets a little colder because of wind and some drops of sea water that may hit you in the face.

Month Temp Celsius Month Temp Celsius
January 13 July 29
February 14 August 30
March 15 September 26
April 17 October 24
May 23 November 14
June 25 December 14

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