Team Building Events

Team building events, online and offline, are an important part of BarcelonaSail. Every boat tour is an event. So the step from sailing with clients to organizing teambuilding events was easy.

Today we organize corporate events, family events, school events, and even online events. Our hybrid events for corporations and companies can be held online and outside to make events in the covid period more workable.

Our team building activities are aligned with the 17 Unites Nations Sustainability goals.

Sailing Team Building Events in Barcelona

BarcelonaSail offers sailing team building, plastic fishing events, and plastic sailing race in front of the Barcelona coastline.

Sailing team-building events are about competition, learning fast, adapting to a new environment and strategy. Especially the plastic sailing race is very demanding on the teams. Getting to the GPS location, answering questions, score maximum points, and sail as fast as you can to the next digital buoy.

Events to clean the Mediterranean

Our plastic fishing events aim to create awareness of plastic pollution at sea. The events on environmental issues are mostly free. Plastic pollution in front of the Barcelona coastline is a big problem. Therefore we organize 4 events per year on plastic pollution. Barcelonasail prepares a short presentation about plastic pollution to inform, and we set out to fish plastic.

Owner Isgar Bos states: “In 2015 I noticed the enormous amounts of plastic in the sea in front of the Barcelona coastline, and the disappearance of dolphins. We used to see dolphins at least once a week and all of sudden once a month. Now in 2018, we do not see them anymore. I feel strongly that we can do something about the plastic pollution, and BarcelonaSail is a perfect place to make people aware.”


Online Team Building Events

Our online events are fun and educative at the same time. Our online team building games and training courses include the topics plastic, cybersecurity, and change management.


New events

In a series of new events, we will share our knowledge on our electric sailing solution for sailboats in Barcelona.