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Plastic Awareness Regatta an New Event Idea

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Barcelonasail starts with new event ideas to reduce plastic at sea. In 2018 we started with plastic fishing events. Now in 2021 we organize Plastic Awareness Regattas (PAR) and online plastic awareness team building games.

What is a Plastic Awareness Regatta (PAR)?

Plastic Awareness Regattas are sailing races for group tours, team building events, and company events. The goal is to sail from imaginary buoy to the next in the shortest possible time and answer questions related to plastic correctly to gain maximum points.

The Plastic Awareness Regatta can also seen as a on-the-water scavenger hunt. A lighthearted event that will bring out the competitive spirit in everyone and discover how you can contribute reducing the plastic pollution in the sea.

Event Details

The plastic sailing regatta takes about 3 hours. The game is played on our boats using smart phones. One boat has one team of maximum of 7 people. Teams race each other in different boats. On each boat is a captain on board to assure safety. Sail to the imaginary buoy answer questions and get points. The plastic ocean game is exciting, informative and fun!

Corona safe

All our events adhere to our strict rules to secure the safety of all participants.

Plastic ocean game a new event idea
Screenshot of plastic game

Game description

The Plastic Awareness Regattas is a new event idea for corporations, groups and families. You learn about plastic waste, plastic collection and what you can do to reduce your plastic footprint. Super motivating and fun for everyone!

Play the Plastic Awareness Regattas with one boat or compete directly against other boats. The Plastic Awareness Regattas consists of a number of questions, photo tasks and video assignments.

The scavenger hunt is a phone-based game that takes you to geo-tagged locations to solve riddles, answer questions, and take pictures to earn points and compete against other boats.

Start Game

First set up team tasks. You need a skipper, a strategist, a navigator, a questions reader and a person controlling the sails.

Second read the instruction carefully and practice steering and navigating.

Time starts running as soon you initiate the game. You tell the skipper where to sail to. Follow the instructions of your phone or iPad. Once the boat is within a range of the beacon a question or assignment pups up. Answer the question, and prepare for the next course a navigation.

Be quick, because it is touch to do all the assignments within the given time. Some questions give more points than others so be careful before you go sailing to check what the best course is. The winner is a combination between speed, strategy and knowledge.

The game is very interactive and won’t take away enjoying foods and drinks on board. Our proprietary game even has a built-in chat function so the trash talking can continue between the boats out on the water.

This event idea is all about navigating, strategy and fast sailing.

The feedback we receive from companies is beyond expectation, below a few quotes of companies. Call us for a motivating awareness incentive event, +34 608 611 079.

“This event made our people motivated to make a change and created a very positive working relation within them. We will do this again.

HR director directly after the event

“This event ticks all the boxes, good for the environment, motivating and fun!

HR director from Roland DG

Plastic Awareness Regattas is part of the Games-that-Matters initiative that is supported by BarcelonaSail.

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Sailing enthusiast living in Barcelona, who developed a new way of enjoying the Barcelona sea side via active sailing. Using as the main site to attract people.