Barcelona Sail is Barcelona’s most trusted boat tour and sailing charter according to TripAdvisor. Barcelona Sail is all about having fun, relax and actively participate steering the boat during your sail tour. There is a lot of relaxing during the Barcelona sail tour, and people get curious how things work, sail setting, steering, engine, wind direction, rules of the road. Barcelona Sail is much more than your regular 2.5 hour sailing trip, laying on the deck.

Preparing the sail trip

Work starts in the harbor where we prepare the sails which we will hoist 10 minutes later at sea. In the first 3 minutes I explain the how the rudder works, and then you are on your own. Time to show off your sailing skills. Make pictures behind the helm and enjoy the view. Time for a swim and a dive in the ocean blue Mediterranean sea.

Sailing in the harbor of Barcelona port Olipic and setting out on a sailing trip
Leaving Port Olimpic on a sunny sailing tour out of Barcelona

Sailing experience

Sailing in Barcelona is one of the best day activities during a hot summer day. With friends and family you are welcome to join us on board. Sailing is fun, read this post from a client who posted on our blog: group sailing trip with BarcelonaSail.

Sailboat tours in Spain are the highlight of many costumers that sailed with us on the Mediterranean coast of Barcelona. It is relaxing, refreshing and never boring, with inspirational skippers that inform you about sea-life, Barcelona, and it’s history.

Food and drinks onboard

You can bring your own food and drinks, or you can order fresh food with us and have a Cava during a sunset sail. Our food is freshly made minutes before the sail trip and brought to you by bike. On the food menu we have:

  1. Tuna tacos with sesame, with no gluten, cornmeal enriched brittle, yellow tail tuna, green cabbage, cilantro, onion, chipotle sauce with homemade pink, avocado, toasted sesame seeds.
  2. Veggie Tacos with homemade corn tacos, guacamole authentic sautéed with eggplant, shiitake and white cabbage, sour cream and cashews.

Understanding sailing, learning to sail

Questions from sailors why the boat cannot sail against the wind, and why the sails have to be adjusted when we change course on our way back to the Barcelona harbor. Barcelona sail is the only sailing charter that uses the spinnaker in lights winds. It is a fantastic view to see almost 100 m2 of sail in the air.

Learning to navigate at Barcelona sailing tours, reading the chart.
Learning to navigate at Barcelona sailing tours, reading the chart.

You to take the helm and steer the Barcelona Sail to its next destination.  Look up, see the wind vane and discover where the wind comes from, and why it feels in one direction much warmer than in the other.

The boat is very fast, it is a so called “regatta” sail boat, which means she is very sensitive and reacts very fast. This helps a lot with understanding steering.  Most people are curios about the boat how it works and why we move. During our sailing trip you will have the answers to all your questions.

Barcelona sail heeling boat at good speed
Barcelona sail heeling boat at good speed

Why are we heeling so much?  The wind has not changed and the weather is still very nice during over Barcelona sail, but why are we heeling so much? We tell you on board.

Relaxing on the sailing tour

Of course there is plenty of  time for relaxing, swimming, talking and enjoying the fantastic Barcelona skyline during the sailing trip.

Sunset sailing with the family in Barcelona.
Sunset sail in Barcelona, in one of our fantastic sailing tours

We are very easy way to find, see the google map in our footer for the location of BarcelonaSail.

Barcelona sail large spinnaker
Sailing last week in front of Barcelona coast line, with our red large spinnaker.

Groups sails and corporate events

Big group? No worries, we work together with other sailors and have different sailboats available. We love to set up mini regatta events or one-day training courses for companies. Group boat sail tours and sail events are fun, can be competitive and challenging.  We have done this for a number of companies, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Google, Shipsted, Adidas and others.

Pricing for Barcelona Sail corporate sail events

SAILING TOURCatamaran cruise 2hrCatamaran cruise 3hrLuxury yacht 80paxLarge catamaran 125pax
Starting price€ 950.-€ 1200.-€ 2450.-€3999.-

All prices are inclusive 21% IVA and skipper.


Pricing for Barcelona Sail “day sailing trip”

(2.5 hours)

SAILING TOUR1-2 pax3-5 pax6-7 pax8-9 pax
Total price per trip€ 250.-€ 375.-€ 450.-€ 550.-

All prices are inclusive 21% IVA and skipper.

Sunset cruise and night sailing tours in Barcelona

From the 1st of March to the of November Barcelona sail offers Sunset sailing  2.5 hours. Night sailing we do in August, the so called star trips and tours which are a fantastic experience, also 2.5 hours.

Pricing for Barcelona Sail “sunset or night trip”

(2.5 hours)

SAILING TOUR1-2 pax3-5 pax6-7 pax8-9 pax
Total price per trip€ 260.-€ 395.-€ 450.-€ 550.-

All prices are inclusive 21% IVA and skipper.

Cruising experience trip

All through the year, BarcelonaSail offers very nice sailing trips to port El Masnou. Port El Masnou is a nice little port, not to far away from Barcelona. The distance is about 10 kilometer which will take about 2 hours of sailing. In the port Masnou we will have a 2 hour lunch break. There you find really nice little restaurants for every budget and you can enjoy the special and totally different atmosphere, that a typical sail boat marina offers. After lunch we sail back and after 2 hours we arrive in Barcelona again. So in total this trip will take about 6 hours. Back in the port you have a good first impression on what most sailors like: summer cruising from port to port along the coast.

Pricing for Barcelona Sail  “Trip to El Masnou”

(6 hours)

SAILING TOUR 1-2 pax3 -5 pax6-7 pax8-9 pax
 Total price per trip€495.-€ 695.-€ 795.-€ 895.-

All prices are inclusive 21% IVA and skipper.