The best places to stay outside Barcelona is a question we get often. Best hotel or BnB is always difficult, but there is one hotel, not listed on bookings sites that is worth your attention. For places to eat and things to do in Barelona see our pages “Where to eat” and “10 things to do in Barcelona”.

Best Places to stay outside Barcelona 2We love to travel and have made a list with best places to stay outside of Barcelona.  Sometimes my wife and I escape the hassle and bustle of the inner city of Barcelona and we take a short overnight somewhere in the beautiful mountains and forests within a 90 minute drive from Barcelona.

The best places to stay outside Barcelona have no affiliation with BarcelonaSail, it is our personal taste. The reason we list them is because we get now and then requests where to stay outside Barcelona. As a sail tour operator we feel it is part of our service to include information on places to stay and eat and things to do, offering a complete 360 service to our clients.

On our list of best places to stay outside Barcelona is selected based on healthy food, quietness, nature and service. For example some of the hotels listed grow part of their food local or buy local, are in the middle in the nature and have few rooms from 8 tot 16 maximum and a super service.Best Places to stay outside Barcelona

Hotel Avenc, is our favorite hotel outside Barcelona. The 90 minute drive via Montseny is beautiful and easy. The last 30 mintes trough the landscapes and small roads gets you to Tavertet, a small village and starting point for many hikes through the fascinating nature. The hotel offers large rooms, tremendous space, underground parking and is located in the middle of nature and all 16 rooms have a splendid views on Montseny.  This hotel is not listed on hotel booking sites and is a true gem of Cataluya.

More to follow.

Have a great time in Barcelona and around.