Animals in the Mediterranean Sea

10 most important fish in the Mediterranean

Very often I get the question what are the 10 most important fish in the Mediterranean

What fish live here? Which fish have you seen, and did you see mammals such as dolphins and whales? Before listing the 10 most important fish in the Mediterranean, it is good to know that the Mediterranean sea has no dangerous fish, such as sharks. It is totally safe to swim in front of the Barcelona coast. Jellyfish do appear after a hot summer day in August and September. Contrary to popular belief, most jellyfish in the Mediterranean are not poisonous. However, contact with some jellyfish can be painful. It is good to tell you that none of our 6000 sailor customers onboard has ever had a problem with a Jellyfish.

sun fish in the Mediterranean
Sun fish

The Mediterranean is an important food supply for the southern European countries such as Spain Italy and France. The local fish menus vary per country, for Barcelona see our list with local Barcelona restaurants here, but one thing is clear, fish food is popular.

Fish and mammals seen during sailing

During our sailing tours, we sighted various fish and mammals. Unfortunately, it must be said that each year we see fewer fish due to local overfishing. Dolphins we have seen the most, followed by the Tuna, the Sun fish (Moon fish in Spanish), the conspicuous Swordfish, and a few turtles. Further away we saw twice a whale which was a very impressive sighting. What we see during sailing in front of the Barcelona coast is different from the 10 most important fish in the Mediterranean. I did an online study and visited CRAM a fantastic organization that focuses on the protection of sea life around Barcelona. You can visit them as well,  click the CRAM link to their website in Spanish and Catalan, in case you need help just contact me. The list below shows the 10 most important fish in the Mediterranean.

List of the 10 most important fish in the Mediterranean

The list of the 10 most important fish in the Mediterranean is based on the commercial fishing catches and adapted for the Spanish coast. Unfortunately, the European Union is not able to control its fishing effectively resulting in the rapid Bluefin tuna elimination of this list.

  1. European anchovy is a prey fish or forage fish for bigger fish and one of most fished in the Mediterranean, it is  8 inches (20 cm) long and still in abundance.
  2. Sardine   – Sardines are an important forage fish for larger forms of marine life and reach about 6 inches (15 cm)
  3. European hake  (Merluccius Merluccius) up to 55 in (140cm), with a weight up to 32lb (15 kg).
  4. Bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) in terms of value, the most important fish and also the most endangered fish in the Mediterranean.
  • Red mullets
  • Swordfish
  • Sardinellas, there are over twenty sorts of Sardinellas.
  • Blue whiting  (Micromesistius poutassou)
  • Needlefish,  are capable of making short jumps out of the water at up to 60 km/h (37 mph). We have had some needlefish on board, because needlefish swim near the surface, they often leap over the decks rather than going around.
  • Blue and red shrimp, a very popular dish, we fish and farm 6 million tons of shrimp worldwide each year. 
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