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We wish you a great 2018 with lots of sailing

Hi! We wish you a great 2018 with lots of sailing, happiness and a healthy new year.

We hope that 2017 was good for you. For BarcelonaSail 2017 was great, because we had more happy sailing customers than ever, we only count happy customers.  We received a lot of positive feedback online, via the phone and even post cards. Thank you for your lovely words, and I mean it, we were really moved by it. We love to see you on board sailing with us again.

In 2017 BarcelonaSail introduced:

  1.  clean sailing 100% solar powered

  2.  healthy food on board from one of Barcelona’s best restaurants

  3.  plastic fishing events, enhancing the awareness of plastic in the sea

In 2017 we started the electric propulsion sailing project, with the goal to make the conversion from gas/diesel powered to electric more affordably and simple. We started off really well, design phase and testing was really fast. Unfortunately we had some delay with the new flexible bracket system, which is all bespoke technology. We keep you posted on the developments solving this challenge in the first quarter of 2018.

We feel that happiness and healthy eating goes together. After a careful selection we decided to work with Barcelona’s most healthy and best restaurant Teresa’s. From the production to the delivery we thought about nature. The food is super healthy, locally grown, delivered by bike, and the box is made of reused paper. Most importantly, you told us that our fish and veggie tacos are the best, thank you!

BarcelonaSail as a sail boat charter company uses the ocean and we want to give something back. Every year we organize plastic fishing events to make people aware of the amount of plastic floating in the sea.

BarcelonaSail in 2018

In 2018 BacelonaSail will focus more on happiness, and nature.

  1. Nut free food offering
  2. 100% plant based (vegan) food offering
  3. Sun powered sailing, charging the batteries with solar panels
  4. Bamboo recyclable cups and plates

We will expand the food offering, to include food for people with food allergies and vegans. So far it has been difficult to get a food provider to guarantee nut free food. Plant based food is good for sailing and your body, we are excited to know what your think of our new food selection.

With the permission of the port of Barcelona (Port Olimpic) we will install Solar panels on the dock that will power our batteries.

To reduce our plastic trash during sailing, we are looking into alternatives for the plastic cups and plates on board.

Small steps helping nature and staying healthy.

Looking back to the 2016 new year sailing wish we are happy to see that we improve every year.

About Sailing Barcelona

Sailing enthusiast living in Barcelona, who developed a new way of enjoying the Barcelona sea side via active sailing. Using as the main site to attract people.

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