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Winter sailing with BarcelonaSail

Winter sailing, T-shirt weather!

Winter sailing, T-shirt weather!

Winter Sailing with BarcelonaSail is a refreshing way to see Barcelona city.  We love to take people out on a winter sail, the sun is often bright, with no clouds on the horizon. There is a pleasant wind,  enough to get us going and not too much. Often people think winter sailing with Barcelonasail is too cold or too windy. In this post we show a video of a winter sail tour. I explain that in case of inclement weather we simple reschedule or cancel the tour whatever is more convenient for the costumer. Therefor we only go out in perfect winter conditions.

Hot tea and 21 degrees on board of Samba.

Barcelonasail has very easy conditions, in case you feel you want to cancel the tour, even 1 hour before departure, we can cancel or reschedule. This winter in January we rescheduled twice with a couple who wanted to sail 6 hours.  In the end we found the best day, it was a fantastic winter day with sun, little wind and 20 degrees.

Good wind, no waves and sun in Barcelona coast line.

Come winter sailing with Barcelonasail, and find your self emerged by the sea, the birds and heated by the sun. We often bring some hot tea to get nice and warm inside after the sail tour.

The first winter sailors this year

In January we sailed with a few groups and couples. There was abundant sun and on average we got almost 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) on board.  This winter in Barcelona has been very soft and fantastic for sailing, with temperatures reaching 25 (77) degrees  during the warmest moment of the day.

It was so warm in January this year, that 6 people requested to go swimming!

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Sailing enthusiast living in Barcelona, who developed a new way of enjoying the Barcelona sea side via active sailing. Using as the main site to attract people.

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