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Ibiza day Sailing and Barcelona Sail are sister companies because captains Stefan and Isgar are long term sailing friends. Captain Stefan takes you out on a beautiful 1970 wooden yacht perfect for the Ibiza sailing experience and discovering the many coves and beaches of this wonderful island.

Relax in the sunshine, being part of the natural beauty around you. Enjoy the crystal clear warm water and bays with beautiful beaches. The sunset set in Ibiza is mind blowing because of beautiful color display when the sun sets. On Stefan’s Ibiza Day sailing website you can book your private Ibiza sail experience  and enjoy a perfect boat trip with your friends.

ibiza day sailing and barcelona ibiza sail

On the island Ibiza Stefan takes you to places not accessible to tourists. He knows Ibiza very well because Stefan has sailed around Ibiza for years.  Sailing close along the coast line of Ibiza and  go for anchor in beautiful coves and beaches to relax, swim and snorkel. After sailing, enjoy an ice-cold drink and listen to your own music or take a SUP (stand up paddle board) or the zodiac to explore the beach.

ibiza day sailing and barcelona sail in Ibiza island

Sailing around Ibiza with its white beaches is best done for a whole day because time flies when you are on sail boat surrounded by the natural beauty of Ibiza island. Ibiza sailing experience with Stefan is your best way to discover the island.

ibiza day sailing and barcelona sail in Ibiza island

Ibiza day Sailing and Barcelona Sail are working closely together to make your Barcelona – Ibiza sail vacation even more easy to book. Ibiza day Sailing and Barcelona Sail even help you organize your trip to Ibiza or Barcelona. Call Stefan +34 622 226 190 for your sail tour in Ibiza and enjoy an life time experience you want to share with your friends. At our website we will make available sail tours in Ibiza as well, beware that we do not sail to Ibiza.

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