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Enjoy Barcelona by boat in winter

February was a cold and rainy month this year. But a few tough sailors wanted to Enjoy Barcelona by boat. Every month we write about our most special moments on board with our guests.

We met Niklaus an Swiss architect and his wife a psychiatry doctor who got married a few years ago. Sailing is one of their common activities. Especially Niklaus loves sailing, in his words: “it is the best way to disconnect from everything and relax entirely”.

What a beautiful couple you are! Lot’s of happiness in your future lives together.

In the beginning there was little wind, the sun was shining bright, perfect to see and enjoy Barcelona by boat. However the Mediterranean is known for rapid changes in the winter. The wind increased, waves get higher and we were cruising with 9 to 10 knots! We got a bit earlier in the harbour after the sail we had a Cava to celebrate this fantastic sail trip.

The wind had cleared the sky and we could see the snow covered mountain tops in the north.

Propose to marry during a sail tour in Barcelona

An other tough couple that sailed with us in february were Anojan and his girlfirend from the UK.  Anojan asked us to organize with him this sail tour in detail because he wanted to propose to her. Together we decided on the flow of actions, we arranged Champange, the flowers, the birthday cake and music, Anojan the ring.

A birthday cake at sea tastes yummy.

It worked out fantastic. It is so beautiful to see two people so happy and emotional at the same time. The weather was amazing, sun with nice temperature and little wind.  I was very afraid we had to cancel the sail tour because of bad weather. Therfor we aranged with a tour guide an alternative romantic option. It was all not necesaary and we had some unforgettable moments, we wish you both a fantastic life togher.

Barcelona sail focuses on personalized sail tours to let you enjoy Barcelona by boat, to relax, or propose, or to do whatever you have in you mind. We are excited to create memorable moments with you.



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