Weather bulletins Barcelona provide local and international information on the weather. Weather bulletins Barcelona also provide interesting sailing tour weather information on the the water levels, currents, high and low tides, and give forecasts and warnings for the safety and protection of marine life and property.

Before we set sail we always check the weather bulletin, so that we know your booked tour is going to be a success. Explanation on wind and weather abbreviations can be found here.  The internet is not yet officially part of the Maritime Safety Information system (MSI) and it is good to also look at the formal weather information channels NAVTEX before your tour, for the latest information on weather , a good link for the more serious sailors is the NAVTEX forecast.


Barcelona sail uses these weather bulletins every day to assure that we can safely go out sailing and have fun on the water. Weather bulletins come in different formats and from different sources, sometimes the weather bulletins greatly differ in the weather information they provide. There are local weather bulletins that provide coastal weather information such a wave height and currents and there are passage weather bulletins that provide winds information and variations for larger sea areas. Passage weather bulletins are used to set out a long sailing tour. When we cross to the islands we always consult this page.

Even in the winter we sail, good weather bulletin is important.

Even in the winter we sail, good weather bulletin is important.

Forecasting the weather can also be done by looking into the clouds, at BarcelonaSail we can teach you the basics of weather forecasting by looking at the clouds and reading the barometer.

BarcelonaSail shares the knowledge so that after sailing each time you can learn a little bit about some item. This is an easy way to learn about sailing and everything around sailing little weather bulletins.

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Weather bulletins Barcelona tour and Barcelona sail classes.

hurricane vs typhoon vs tropical cyclone

During sailing when we talk about winds, storms, tropical depressions, and hurricanes. The question always arises what is the difference between a hurricane and typhoon or tropical cyclone?

First of a hurricane and typhoon are two words for the same wind. Only in the est we call it a hurricane and in the East a typhoon.

A tropical cyclone has five categories, category 1 being the lowest and category 5 being the strongest wind.

Hurricanes and typhoons are a category 3 to 5 tropical cyclone. Below is a wind speed table for all categories.

windspeed table for sailing