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Is electric sailing cheap or very expensive?

Is electric sailing cheap or very expensive?

Many people are asking “is electric sailing cheap or very expensive?”. That is a complicated question and we will look into the economics of electric sailing. The benefits of electric sailing are far more than just the financial savings. We do something for the environment that gives us a good feeling, we help others following us in being a good neighbor of the sea.Is electric sailing expensvie or vey cheap

The Costs

The estimated costs of the entire electric propulsion system including our 5.2 kWh LifePO4 battery system, design and installation is 6500 euro. Obviously when the design and products are in place the costs for converting the next sail boat into an electrical sailboat will be substantial lower. The cost estimate below answers from a financial point of view the question: ” Is electric sailing cheap or very expensive?”.

  1. battery pack                                             2000 euro
  2. electric motor                                           500 euro
  3. motor controller                                       300 euro
  4. Cables                                                         300 euro
  5. battery controller                                     200 euro
  6. battery charger                                         200 euro
  7. design+ production and installation   3000 euro

The financial benefits

We sell the entire motor system including shaft, folding propeller, diesel tank for 4000 euro. BarcelonaSail saves the coming 7 years 200 euro on diesel and 100 euro on oil filters and impellers. Therefore the financial benefits of electric sailing are 6100 euro.

After 7 years we recycle the batteries, and buy new ones. The future price for batteries will be 100 euro per kW making electric sailing very attractive.

It is true that the propeller cannot always charge the batteries sufficiently and dock charging is required. These electricity costs are excluded because in our harbor a base usage is included in the docking costs.


Electric conversion is cheap. For BarcelonaSail making a statement that electric sailing is economic viable and leading the way to a cleaner and better future are the main reasons for our electric sailboat conversion. We look forward to the moment that the electric sailboat kit becomes available on the market at a very attractive price for all to enjoy.

Electric sailing is without smell, no noise, no vibration, it is being one with nature, sign up for a sail tour with us.






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