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Exploring boat tours and boat rental in Spain

Exploring Spain by boat.
Exploring Spain by boat.

Spain is Europe’s largest tourist destination. Sailing tours, boat tours and boat rental, and incentive events for corporations becoming increasingly popular. Therefor we are exploring BarcelonaSail, a boat tour and boat rental company in Spain that has 100% excellent reviews in the last 5 years. The latest water sports experiences and possibilities we will review.

Boats tours, and sailing cruises come with a skipper. Most boat tours are between 2 and 3 hours. Longer duration boat tours are possible, starting at 100 euro per additional hour. Even if the website states fixed departure times, often you can request a change in departure time.

Cost of boat tours in Spain

The cheapest way to enjoy the water is joining a group tour. In general the bigger the boat, and the group, the cheaper the ticket.

Large boats with over 60 people charge between 20 to 40 euro per person. Small boats with groups up to 12 people charge 40 to 70 euro per person. The benefit of a smaller group tour is the that you can go swimming, which is not always possible at the larger boats.

Private boat tours vs group tours

The difference between a group tour and a private tour is that in a private tour you rent the boat plus the captain for you. There are no other people on board.

A private boat tour starts at 55 euro per person for groups of 8 and more. A typical private family boat tour with 5 or 6 family members is about 400 euro, or 80 euro per person.

Most tour operator charge around 250 euro for a private sail tour for couples. These are fantastic intimate tours and many couples come back the next year because it was a moment of love reflection and excitement. BarcelonaSail offers even completely personalized sail boat tours for weddings, wedding proposals and birthdays.

Motor boat tours vs sail boat trips

Sail boat tours are cheaper than motor boat tours because of the gasoline consumption and motor management. Most tourists in Spain prefer a sail boat, it is quit no noise and you have a feeling being closer to the nature. A motor boat tour starts at 150 euro per person.

Cost of boat rental in Spain

Boat rentals are without skipper, bring your boat license to take out a sail boat of larger motor boat. All motor boats smaller than 7.5 meter and with less than 15 hp boat motor do not require a boat license in Spain. Last years we see less people renting small motor boats because they do not go out far from the harbor and are sensitive to the waves.

Safety during your boat tour

Safety during boat tours is essential and all boat tours must safety equipment and first aid equipment on board according to Spanish law. Ask for it if the captain doesn’t explain where the life vests are.

Other water sport activities

There is much more than Barcelona boat tours and boat rental in Spain. Below we list exciting and new Watersport activities in Spain.

Parasailing above Barcelona, is for some a lifetime experience. With 6 to 8 people you go into a motor boat and every 20 minutes two people a lifted into the air. The total duration of the operation is 2 hours, of which you are 20 minutes in the air. Starting price is around 80 euro per person.

Paddle boarding is probably the cheapest way to leave the beach and discover the sea. Paddle boards can be rent per hour or per day, starting at 10 euro.

BarcelonaSail’s selection per region

Spain is a large country and we grouped the country in three sea regions. Sailing and boat tours in the Balearic islands. Boat rental in Barcelona and the Mediterranean and Sailing in Andalusia coast in the south of Spain.

About Sailing Barcelona

Sailing enthusiast living in Barcelona, who developed a new way of enjoying the Barcelona sea side via active sailing. Using as the main site to attract people.

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