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Barcelona Sea Movie Barcelona Sea Jazz

Barcelona Sea Movie Barceloa Sea Jazz for the hot summers in Barcelona

Barcelona Sea Movie Barcelona Sea Jazz  are special projects that BarcelonaSail initiated with Jazz musicians, signers and organizers.

Barcelona Sea Movie Barcelona Sea Jazz was born when a few singers and a Saxophonist came on board and we thought how cool it would be to make music at sea.

music and movies at sea in front of the Barcelona coast line

Barcelona Sea Jazz at Port Olympic

Barcelona Sea movie will start in the summer after sunset in the proximity of the harbor. Obviously we cannot do this when there are heavy waves and lots of wind, because we use a small sail to project a movie. We sail the boat boat to an anchor place just outside the harbor, where we drop anchor. The group will be small and we will enjoy a movie that is related to the sea at sea such as “All is Lost” , “Titanict” and for others see

Barcelona Sea Jazz is for a small intimate group of music lovers. Our fist projects will be in the harbor, we stay in the harbor enjoy the Sea Jazz and a drink. Depending the conditions and the instruments that are being used we may go out a small tour at sea. As a jazz music fan I love the idea to combine the sea and jazz.

Barcelona Sea Movie Barcelona Sea Jazz events will be scheduled on a very short notice. We will try to announce this activity to as many sites as possible once a date has been set. The reason is the dependability on the weather, we can not have people playing in touch weather conditions. These are both unique events and  I am already thrilled to start the first session!

I have many other ideas I would love to do with the sea and the boat, and if you have an idea please let me know. I can not promise you to implement all ideas but we will investigate for sure.

About Sailing Barcelona

Sailing enthusiast living in Barcelona, who developed a new way of enjoying the Barcelona sea side via active sailing. Using as the main site to attract people.

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