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Plastic Presentation followed by a quiz

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BarcelonaSail organizes a plastic presentation at your HQ to share our knowledge about plastic with you. Because presentations are boring and from the 90-ties, we combine our presentation with a game. You better take notice to win the game!

What is it?

Plastic presentation with the plastic digital game is a 60 – 90 minutes event, hilarious fun, and very educative. The plastic presentation is about 25 minutes, provides insides about plastic the history, and future of plastic, and what plastic we can avoid in our daily life.

Then we start the plastic game which is 30 minutes of fun, excitement, and competition because only one team can win. The score is shown on a large screen so teams can see how the competition is doing during the game.

Improve your office’s plastic footprint. Talk together how what can be changed to reduce plastic. The presentation provides the answers and the game helps to immerse in the topic. After the game, we have seen an instant change.

This concept has been very successful because it is short motivating, and positive for the workforce.  Is your team up for the 30-day plastic challenge? A one-month challenge that playfully offers small steps in reducing plastic. Or play plastic mission impossible with your team.

Plastic pollution Quiz with BarcelonaSail

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