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Gamified Introduction of New Software

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Is your company introducing new software or upgrading applications or new protocols? Having problems with staff unwilling to adopt the new information technology? Contact us to help you implement new software faster.

People are naturally resisting change in their daily habits and the best approach to reduce that resistance is a gamified introduction. Because a gamified approach takes that resistance blockade away.

Change management Gamified Introduction of New Software

There are many benefits to a gamified change management training approach. Firstly gamified training accelerates adoption, and secondly, it changes habits faster and deeper. Thirdly, rivalry motivates one to engage and focus in order to win. This mental state is best for learning and absorbing new information because true motivation is driven by a sense of purpose and pursuit of mastery.

Make changes in the workplace fun

Changes in the workplace are often presented as something difficult, something we “just have to get through together”. This way it feels heavy in advance, while it is not necessary at all. If you, as a manager, make changes fun, then your staff will go along with you much more easily. Before you know it, the new system will be in place and the new protocols will feel as if they have always been there.

You can make change fun with gamification. You challenge your staff, they learn new actions and cooperate with each other. All this in a risk-free and practical exercise environment. The game provides feedback to each participant so that there is a natural feedback loop. This works motivating and can correct where necessary. This way you teach your staff to deal with change in a fun, challenging, motivating and effective way.

Many people like a game, especially if they can win. Gamification appeals to the competitive nature and ensures a high involvement and fast learning cycle. Thus, gamification can be used excellently for behavioral change, on-boarding, collaboration and team building

Early adopters and the rest

In each company, you find people that will fall into the following 4 groups below:

  1. Early Adopters will try new software faster than the majority.
  2. Early Majority is practical and want to know how new tool improves their existing workflow before they feel comfortable adopting it.
  3. Late Majority will only adopt new software when they need to, or when it becomes serious time-consuming not to.
  4. Laggards are uncomfortable learning and using new tools. The only way to move this group may be to force them to use the new software by eliminating legacy options.

It is important to get positive feedback from the early adopters quickly, in order to obtain a company-wide adoption rapidly. Introducing the new software through gamified team training, early adopters are mixed with others in a team creating positive cross-pollination.

Gamified Introduction of New Software

Our gamified introduction of software upgrades, new appreciations and software is team based event. In groups 2 to 4 staff works on tasks that are a mix of serious and fun assignments. The course is online and takes 75 minutes. The team members can be located remotely or sit together.

The course is tailor-made to the company’s needs and used software applications. The focus is on introducing the benefits and of using the new technology and how to use it to create a sense of confidence with the new application.

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