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Onboarding New Employees

onboarding employees

Onboarding new employees nowadays is not as easy as it used to be. Because more and more staff work remote. How to get your new hire to feel at home and connecting fast within your organization? It is a serious question for which we have developed a gamified solution, that is flexible, fast and proven.

What in Employee Onboarding?

Employee onboarding is the process by which new employees are introduced to the social and performance aspects of their new job, with the goal of getting new hires adjusted quickly, increasing productivity and job satisfaction, and reducing turnover.

This process includes two steps.

Orientation, getting to know attitudes, company culture and values, employee expectations.

Integration, getting to know the team members, department, where to find information and key people within the organization.

Challenges with new hires?

In today’s world the new hire doesn’t see and meet other team members face to face, therefore it is important to get the new employee fast from their isolated island. New hires are in general a bit shy and calling to introduce yourself is time consuming and intimidating. An email to introduce yourself is far away from a handshake and eye contact. Reading the company manual, on values and attitude is boring.

But to complete tasks and get points for answers through a game sound like fun. And it is! Learn company knowledge and grow into a full-fledged team player through a one day game is the fastest and most successful way to onboard new hires. The game removes shyness, because there is an excuse to interrupt team members. The game forces creativity, opens up minds and drives the new hire to interact because points must be scored.

How does gamified onboarding work?

Digital onboarding of new employees is a day long event, that can be done alone or in a group. We recommend onboarding in small groups. In that case the new hires start meeting each other online and must perform assignments together creating friendships. In case a single new hire is onboarded, more time is given to the orientation phase on topic provide he assignments includes meeting with HR, through video conferencing tools.


Through questions, tasks, photo and video assignments the new staff member learns about the company. After the orientation that takes about 2 hours, time for lunch. A digital lunch with your new team. During lunch assignments help the conversation and effectiveness of the meeting. Request a demo game to get a feel for how we do this.


After lunch it is time for integration. The new employee meets their new direct team members through 7 minutes interviews. These interviews are all preprogrammed using NLP techniques. Together simple tasks and assignments must be completed, creating a team building effort from the beginning. With the client we decide on the number of interviews.

Proven success

Together with DolEvents we have provided a number of onboarding projects in the Netherlands and all have been very successful. Clients come back ordering more onboarding events for different department.

All our online team building events are serious games, focusing on onboarding, change management, cyber security and plastic awareness.

Just give a call and we make your onboarding effective and easy.

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