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Stag and Hen Boat Parties in Barcelona

Hen party on a sail boat

BarcelonaSail organizes awesome stag and hen boat parties at sea. Our boat parties rock your group size, accommodating up to 85 people with fun, frolics and sailing for any party occasion. Booze on our boats into the evening or start for breakfast as early as 09:00.

Small groups can opt for a smaller sailboat. Have your private boat party with a group up to 9 party goers, or drunken sailors, check our stag and hen party boat for 9 sailors.

Larger groups of friends can party on the Barcelonasail party boat catamaran. Stag and hen parties are very popular in Barcelona. Defiantly one of the best things to do in Barcelona is renting a boat with your party group. Check out our prices for a catamaran stag and hen party boat.

Barcelona sailing stag and hen party BarcelonaSail

Most stag en hen parties are on the catamarans. Taking a dive in the water, play funny games, or try our Stag and Hen game. Or just enjoy being on a boat in Barcelona.

Hen parties at sea, great thing to do in Barcelona

The catamaran tours are 2 or 3 or 4 hours depending your needs and include drinks such as beers, Spanish champagne, wine and soft drinks. It is the perfect group activity in Barcelona.

You can complement your Hen and Stag party with a 2 hour Cocktail-class with a Professional cocktail-shaker, tasting the best cocktails and shots in a private room. Or in case your getting hungry opt for the Stag/Hen dinner 3-course all in a 5 minute walk from the sail boats!

Boat parties in Barcelona are popular because you are away from the daily troubles. As soon as you step on board you enter the amazing world of sailing, being at sea. Join us for a great experience in Barcelona, you never forget. Because being with a private group on a private boat your are completely free. What happens on a boat stays on a boat:)

Check out are sail boat and catamaran hen and stag parties options to book your best boat party experience in Barcelona.

Groups up to 32 sailors:

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Groups up to 9 sailors:

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