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BarcelonaSail second plastic fishing event during Earth Day 2019

Plastic fishing event,

Barcelona  – on the 23 of April , BarcelonaSail held its second plastic fishing event to celebrate Earth Day, called “Earth Day plastic fishing event”.  The BarcelonaSail yacht was overbooked, with in total 10 people attending the plastic fishing event. The BarcelonaSail second plastic fishing event during Earth Day was a great success and made a positive impact.

fishing plastic while sailing n Barcelona BarcelonaSail second plastic fishing event during Earth Day

Fishing plastic leaving port Barcelona with BarcelonaSail

Local plastic pollution

The sailors learned how the Barcelona shore line gets locally polluted through deposits from the city. In summer the beaches of Barcelona get heavily polluted due to tourism and lack of awareness, and this plastic finds its way into the Mediterranean. Plastic pollution is especially visible after rain or big storms when affluent from the Barcelona enters the sea.

What you can do

To make a difference in the local pollution of the Mediterranean sea in front of  Barcelona, avoid single-use plastic water bottles, ask for tap water in a restaurant, and drinks with no straws, use reusable water bottles in combination with water filters at home. Read more in our detailed article plastic pollution during sailing in Barcelona.

Simply reducing your plastic needs and dishing your trash in the designated plastic recovered bins makes a great difference.

Creating ambassadors

“This is a small but powerful event because attendees can see and feel the plastic pollution in the Mediterranean, in front of the Barcelona coast” said Isgar Bos owner of BarcelonaSail.

The cleaning of the sea helps but creating awareness and bringing people together to inform and talk about plastic pollution in the ocean was most important.

In honor of this year’s Earth Day theme to end plastic pollution Barcelonasail held a short informative presentation on plastic pollution before setting sail and leaving Port Olimpic.

“This event was a great initiative for Earth Day 2018 with the topic ‘End Plastic Pollution’. We’re looking forward to cooperate with BarcelonaSail during future clean ups.” said Doris Knickmeyer, co-founder of the Zero Waste Barcelona Network. “Education is the foundation of progress and awareness and this is a fun and informative way to do it”.

In cooperation with other groups Barcelonasail wants to develop a strong and comprehensive awareness on plastic pollution for the Barcelona community.    The company’s goal is to be plastic free by the end of 2018. Stainless steel champagne glasses and cups, reusable water containers with filtered water, and electric propulsion are one the actions the company has taken to date.

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