7 benefits of hybrid team building events

7 benefits of hybrid team building activities

What is a hybrid team building event and what are the 7 benefits of hybrid team building? First, hybrid team building events or games are a combination of a physical (offline) and virtual (online) events.

Since Covid the need for hybrid team building activities increased because hybrid events blend virtual and physical events. Some people work at home and some in the office. Good examples are the Plastic Mission Impossible game and Plastic awareness Presentation game both being played online and offline.

Let’s look at the 7 benefits of hybrid team building games and events.

1. Increased reach and attendance

More people can participate, people in the office and at home participate, this increases the reach and attendance. Hybrid team building evenst are for all sorts of people, old and young, technical and practical

2. Higher engagement with your audience

Engage with your employees through polls, get feedback on current management. Our hybrid team building events open employees for Q&A gaming and challenges, a powerful engagement.

3. Sharing is caring

Hybrid events can be live streamed, funny videos and or photos shared super easy. Sharing moments, a good time together with family and friends is great a way of promoting your companies profile.

4. Social responsibility

Create events that everybody can attend to even audience that have personal obligations, or those that mandatory stay at home.

5 Reduce event costs

In these hard times, you may have a reduced team building budget. A hybrid event is perfect solution cutting back on expenses. Hybrid events tend to be much more affordable than offline events. Less venue space, staff, printed event material etc.

6. Greater flexibility

It is a difficult time to predict the future, nobody knows what could happen with covid-19. With hybrid team building you never have to cancel an event. You can either do the whole event offline, or online or both. This greatly reduces your risks. Some people may still have fears and prefer to participate online while others love to meet others face to face.

7. Easy to schedule and prepare

Hybrid events require less preparation work, we work with you setting your game event and make sure the audience get informed orderly. From the beginning to the end is prepared by us.