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Blog Barcelona Sail shares the latest sailing activities, events and experiences of our sailing tours.

We have more than 24 different sail activities for groups, families, businesses and travel agents and destination planners.

“Sailing with BarcelonaSail is one of the best experiences”, say many tourists, taking a boat tour around the Barcelona coast line. The sea side the wind the view and the lay back atmosphere at Barcelona sail is what everybody wants and enjoys. Blog Barcelona sail wants to share these very special and very local experiences with you.

Sailing and teaching how to sail in front of Barcelona coast line

Blog Barcelona Sail informs about sea life, activities in Barcelona and where to eat avoiding tourist traps.

It is best to eat before going out on a sail tour. Because without realizing it your body is using a lot of calories balancing constantly on a moving boat.

Best places to eat in Barcelona.

We feel that the sea needs our support and attention and therefore we organize plastic fishing events and we inform on plastic usage.

We enjoy the Mediterranean sea and make a living out of it.

Plastic fishing and deposing it.

We share our technical developments on electric propulsion for sail boats.

Electric propulsion is the future for sailboats and has come a long way getting affordable as well.

Electric propulsion for our boats

Blog Barcelona sail is a mixture of short experiences from skippers and sailors that have been sailing with us.

The blogs are moments of our lives. For example in 2016 we had a tough time getting the commercial sailing license from the Capitania (Spanish marine administration) because they lost the application. When we finally could go out on the water again for the first tour, 18 people wanted to go sailing and only 9 could go. Or other time when we set the spinnaker and got to 6 knots, in the light wind conditions it was great. That the day weather was fantastic and we a very nice group of people.

Setting the spinnaker during sunset

“For blog Barcelona sail is good to say that Isgar was like usual, very relaxed and explained us on the sailing course. After two hours we got home exited and we had a drink on the sail boat Samba. We enjoyed the water, sun and until sunset.

Annamaria Nagy

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